pride and progress - louisville store

Lindy Schmidt felt Louisville residents needed a grocery store downtown, so she opened her store, The Market, last month. It has received good reviews from local customers.

LOUISVILLE — Lindy Schmidt has heard the words “Thank you” frequently over the past few weeks.

That’s because she made a commitment to downtown Louisville by renovating and reopening a longtime grocery store that had been vacant for a time.

“The response has been excellent,” Schmidt said. “So many people have said, ‘Thank you for opening the store. It’s beautiful.’”

The Market is a full-service grocery store, meaning it offers produce, dairy, frozen foods, canned goods and meats.

Schmidt opened her store Dec. 17, at the same location, 205 Main St., where Jeff Power had run his store for many years before retiring last summer.

The store was completely renovated within a month’s time for her opening, Schmidt said.

“We needed to have a grocery store in town,” she said of the town of 1,295. “Everybody is pleased a store is open again.”

The Market is open seven days a week.