WATCH NOW: Available state data shows Nebraskans of color hit hard by COVID-19

Virus Outbreak Nebraska

Gov. Pete Ricketts speaks at a news conference in March.

Though state-level data about the effects of COVID-19 on Nebraskans remain incomplete, the numbers indicate minorities were diagnosed with the virus at a far higher rate than the state’s white population.

Responding to previous requests to provide ethnic and racial data associated with coronavirus cases in Nebraska, Gov. Pete Ricketts turned to Dannette Smith, chief executive officer of the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, to share the data.

As expected, Latinos have borne a disproportionate share of the caseload due to a heavy concentration of Latino and immigrant workers in Nebraska’s meat processing industry, where workers on fast-moving production lines labor shoulder to shoulder and often directly across from one another.

WATCH NOW: Virus controlled in meatpacking plants, ag undersecretary says

A current compilation shows 48% of Nebraskans who have tested positive for the virus to be Latino and 7% African-American.

However, the vast majority of Nebraskans who died of the coronavirus — 75% — were white, which can largely be attributed to clusters in senior living facilities. Those who identified as Latino comprised 20% of the state’s deaths.

There have been 2,988 positive cases of infection among meatpacking workers with 140 hospitalizations and 11 deaths.

As of Friday, DHHS reported 170 Nebraskans had died of COVID-19, and 13,654 had been diagnosed with the disease.

What the data also uncovered, Smith said, is the comparatively smaller percentage of hospitalization of people of color, particularly African Americans.

Coronavirus hospitalization eases in Omaha, stable in Lincoln

“It says there is some disparity in how people are accessing health care or if they are accessing health care,” she said.

People need to realize that medical care and hospitalization to treat infection by the coronavirus will come at no cost to the patient, both the governor and Smith emphasized.

“We have a lot of work to do with our communities of color,” Smith said. 

Smith said the state’s data is incomplete and that DHHS will have better data available online at the end of June.

Ricketts on $10B in federal coronavirus aid: ‘It will be a big job to keep track of all this money’

Asked if earlier implementation of Medicaid expansion approved by Nebraska voters a year and a half ago would have been helpful in prompting more people to access care, Smith said “that remains to be seen” when the new Medicaid expansion program becomes effective in October.

Ricketts noted that the state’s current restrictions in response to the virus will begin to loosen on Monday when June arrives. The overall limitation on the size of gatherings will rise from 10 to 25 people.

But Nebraskans will continue to be asked to maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet from one another, the governor said, and everyone should wear a face mask when in contact with others outside the home.

“Now it’s time to get Nebraska growing and help folks get back to as normal of a life as possible,” Ricketts said in the governor’s weekly column released shortly after the briefing concluded.

Latest updates on coronavirus in Lincoln and nearby

See the latest news as more coronavirus cases are identified in Nebraska.

Lancaster County crosses threshold of 1,000 COVID-19 cases

More than 1,000 residents have now been diagnosed with COVID-19 in Lincoln and Lancaster County, health officials announced Friday.

After 30 days at the medical center and three weeks of isolation at her father’s home in west Omaha, Emma Hutchinson was allowed to resume eating solid food and say goodbye to “Fred,” her nickname for the feeding tube.

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Lincoln residents, many donning masks and keeping their distance from others, visited local cemeteries to pay their respects.

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Jenny Michener was feted by a drive-thru party celebrating her graduation from Lincoln Southeast on a day devoted to grads.

The Nebraska National Guard has been actively engaged on the front lines of the state’s battle against the coronavirus.

Church leaders in Nebraska are used to making tough decisions for their congregations. But now, in the midst of a pandemic, churches must weig…

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More than 3,000 high school seniors in Lincoln are graduating into a world nobody’s navigated before, staring into a pandemic that has closed schools, slashed families’ economic security and, for many graduates, changed their college plans.

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NU athletic director Bill Moos knows he and his staff will be judged on how they handle their business during the pandemic. So far, so good.

David Graff works remotely these days, as do the hundreds who call Hudl’s high-tech headquarters in the Haymarket their workplace.

Intensive care hospital beds at less than 20% available. 

Husker AD says variety of scenarios being considered, including a shortened football season
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At this point, Bill Moos says, he can’t say for certain that Nebraska will play all — or even any — of its non-conference games.

Retirement didn’t last long for former Lincoln Fire and Rescue Chief Mike Despain.

Five of Lincoln's public pools to open June 15
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Five Lincoln public pools — Arnold Heights, Ballard, Belmont, Irvingdale and Woods — will open to the public in a limited capacity on June 15.

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Construction on a new home for the University of Nebraska’s football program has been delayed in part because of the pote…

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Moos said Nebraska’s plan for bringing student-athletes back to campus is detailed and thorough enough that the Big Ten requested that it be shared with other schools in the conference. 

Two dozen of the area’s most popular parks, like Branched Oak, Pawnee and Platte, remain closed to tent camping.

Legion baseball is coming. Here's what a season might look like

There might be more hand sanitizer and disinfectants in the ballpark than spectators, but there will be baseball in the Capital City. 

UNL freezes pay for employees, announces some reopening guidelines

Lost revenue and potential future impacts on state funding led UNL to freeze salaries for the year, Chancellor Ronnie Green said.

List of restaurants, retail and service businesses that have reopened in Lincoln
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We’re putting together a list of businesses that are reopening in the Lincoln area. Let us know your plans by emailing

Almost two-thirds of Nebraska’s 49 senators are in a high-risk category for COVID-19 complications because of age or underlying health conditions.

Three more Omaha corrections inmates test positive for virus

Three more inmates at the Community Corrections Center-Omaha have tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total to seven inmates who have t…

Husker volleyball season ticket renewals delayed until home schedule picture clears

Nebraska is delaying volleyball season ticket renewals due to pandemic-related uncertainty, the school confirmed to the Journal Star on Wednesday. 

Noting the end of the school year in a pandemic
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At middle and high schools across the city, teachers made signs and hung decorations and put on costumes and played music to help students note the end of a school year where dining room tables and bedroom desks became the classroom.

Seward cancels Fourth of July festival
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This year would have marked the 153rd annual community Fourth of July celebration in Seward, which first put on an event in the local town square in 1868.

Non-COVID patient numbers on the rise at Bryan
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The increase in patients is a sign of the pent-up demand for elective procedures that were temporarily prohibited, hospital officials say.

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Monday’s flyover was part of a pre-planned training flight and included more than 30 Nebraska hospitals, ending with those in Lincoln. 

48-year-old woman with COVID-19 accused of spitting on walls at Lincoln hospital, assaulting nurse

Prosecutors charged Nyadak Tut, of Lincoln, with assault on a health care professional, a felony.

Lincoln bowling leaders propose reopening alleys under half-capacity regulations

As other establishments slowly begin to open their doors, John Losito and Jason Korn think it could be time to do the same.

Omaha company creating prototype of mask created at UNMC to protect health care providers
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Laboratory testing showed the new mask caught more than 90% of airborne particles expelled into the mask.

Sen. Ben Sasse spoke during Fremont High School’s virtual graduation Saturday and spent a majority of his speech ripping China for causing the pandemic and making jokes about psychologists and people named Jeremy.

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The first wedding party to celebrate at the Lincoln Commercial Club Ballroom had plenty of room to keep their distance — and to set up a game of cornhole.

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Here’s the unlikely story of how a punk rock star wrote a song about the editor of the Journal Star.

Lincoln woman had fever, shakes, headache, trouble breathing and a negative COVID-19 test

A Lincoln woman exhibited many of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 but tested negative — doctors say she’s not the only one.

AGs in 14 states to Trump: Let's hold China accountable

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody and South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson are taking the lead on the coalition. The letter is also signed by attorneys general in Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee and West Virginia.

Majority of COVID-19 cases found disproportionately in Lancaster County's Asian, Hispanic communities

Romeo Guerra sensed this national trend would prove out in the Lincoln area before the data arrived, he said. 

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Journal Star photographers have captured life in the city for the past months with some activities going on as usual but many sights out of the norm.

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From Christmas lights in Minden to a COVID-19 test relay by the State Patrol, many people have stepped up to spread cheer and kindness in Linc…

City Hall: Police bust wild parties, but no tickets written for violating Lincoln's directed health measure

Lincoln police didn’t write any tickets for a violation of Lancaster County’s directed health measure, according to city officials.

Lincoln needs to outlaw price-gouging during emergencies such as this pandemic, City Councilman James Michael Bowers said Monday. 

For Marci Davison of Carmela’s, and other Lincoln business owners, reopening after a trying six weeks marked a milestone of sorts.

Nebraska records 100th coronavirus-linked death

The number of COVID-19 deaths in Nebraska reached the century mark on Monday, with deaths reported in hard-hit Douglas, Hall and Dawson counties.

New gauge pegged at 'high risk' for coronavirus spread in Lincoln

Lincoln city officials reported 40 more COVID-19 cases Monday, bringing the county total to 647.

Senators call on governor to end Test Nebraska contracts

Gov. Pete Ricketts called the suggestion “ludicrous.”

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This columnist isn’t ready to dine out yet, and some local venues aren’t ready to have customers in the door yet, either. Find out who’s in and who is waiting for COVID-19 cases to dwindle.

Medical professionals acknowledge the pressure from both sides about reopening, and the effects of economic turmoil. But health effects of the disease and deaths are equally important, they say.

Catholic churches will not be holding Mass on Sunday and most of the city’s Protestant churches will not be reopening, even though they are allowed to do so under statewide rules.

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While facing technological, social and financial challenges, the percentage of students who did at least some coursework ranged from 44% at North Star to 90% at Southwest, and most schools had less than 60% of students engaging, according to rough estimates.

Face masks, employee temperature checks required for Lincoln businesses

The city begins its new directed health measure on Monday. It runs through June 30.

Dakota County sees record surge with 361 new cases; total is above Hall County

The county’s report comes on the heels of a round of testing for all workers at Tyson’s Dakota City plant. The county’s total is now the highest in the state.

On Thursday, during both National Nurses Week and National Hospitals Week, the selfie walls were installed at both Bryan East and Bryan West Campus hospitals.

Lincoln, Lancaster County to reluctantly adopt eased restrictions Ricketts outlined

Lincoln and Lancaster County will implement eased restrictions beginning Monday, after Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird and her health director relu…

Health district to stop reporting meatpacking cases

At least one Nebraska health department says it will no longer report COVID-19 case numbers linked to specific meatpacking plants after Gov. Pete Ricketts raised health privacy concerns.

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A Lincoln family recreates a “Wishtree” in their front yard as a way to share hopes during the pandemic.

Some campsites to reopen, but Nebraska beaches closed because of large gatherings

Officers broke up recent beach parties with more than 100 people.

Ricketts confident his coronavirus policy is working

Gov. Ricketts said he has tried to balance restrictions with a regional loosening of mandates that preserves citizen willingness and responsibility, an approach sometimes described as “the hammer and the dance.” 

23 new cases confirmed in Lancaster County; national analysis identifies Lincoln as rising hotspot

The rate of new COVID-19 cases in Lincoln and Lancaster County has led a national coronavirus case tracking system to label the area as a pote…

Months of planning and entire careers in public health have prepared the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department for what one employee called “the most defining moment of most of our lives.”

City Hall: How does health department decide what info to release on new cases?

As the coronavirus pandemic stretches on, questions continue to trickle into the Journal Star newsroom asking if the Lincoln-Lancaster County …

B&R is seeing higher costs for many pork and beef products and supply is limited, the stores’ marketing director said.

NU women's basketball player Kate Cain says her family has recovered after battle with coronavirus

Cain revealed on a video posted to that some of her immediate family members have recovered after bouts with coronavirus.

Immigrant who worked at Tyson's Dakota City plant for 37 years succumbs to COVID-19

Viengxay Khuninh, a worker at a Tyson plant in Dakota City, developed a cough, then a fever, last month. Less than a week later, he was dead.

Air National Guard member spends several weeks working in New York City hospital, goes home with COVID-19.

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“The stories that came from those families, you could hear the common themes — I’m frightened, my hours were reduced, I’ve never been in this situation before,” said Foundation for LPS President Wendy Van DeLaCastro.

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So why did one customer come to Gateway Friday? “Sick of sitting at home. Wanted to get a new pair of kicks. My wife’s at work. I’ve got nothing to do.”

Majority of coronavirus deaths in Nebraska have come from long-term care patients

At least 48 of those who have died in Nebraska thus far because of the coronavirus were residents of long-term care facilities.

669 Tyson workers at Dakota City plant test positive for COVID-19, source says

The 669 workers with the virus represent over 15% of the Dakota City plant’s workforce. 

Arnold Zimmerman’s family had his obituary written. 

Lincoln losing all Delta service at least through September

The Lincoln Airport, which already has seen its passenger numbers crater because of COVID-19, is about to take another hit.

Coronavirus hospitalization eases in Omaha, stable in Lincoln

Hospitals in Nebraska have “all agreed to cooperate,” the state’s chief medical officer said, and that means Omaha hospitals can “use Lincoln capacity if necessary” to meet their needs.

Bryan takes flak for promoting use of masks

Bob Ravenscroft said Bryan Health has experienced some “pretty pointed” criticism that its stance on masks is politically motivated. 

Bryan hits high for COVID-19 patients from Lancaster County

Bryan Health officials said they believe COVID-19 cases are stabilizing even as they reported what appears to be the highest number so far of …

“I wouldn’t be running this test in this laboratory if I didn’t believe in it,” said CHI Health St. Elizabeth lab director Becky Croner. “… If there is any reason I don’t believe the results are correct, we pull it and run it again.”

Nebraska economy fares better than most states amid pandemic

Officials say Nebraska’s economy may have also fared better overall during the downturn because the state’s social-distancing measures weren’t as strict as most states imposed.

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Six weeks ago, a Boy Scout from Firth launched a 3-D printing project to help the sore ears of frontline workers during the pandemic; he’s shipping free EarSavers all over the country now.

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Catholic Social Services of Southern Nebraska, The Salvation Army and other local charities are working to support Nebraskans struggling to pay their rent, mortgage and utilities during the coronavirus pandemic.

Bryan, CHI Health relax visitor restrictions

Starting Monday, adult patients will be allowed one healthy adult visitor.

Cindy Lange-Kubick: The Accordion Man of Apple Street, polka music during the pandemic and beyond
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On a quiet street in Lincoln, a musician plays the accordion during the pandemic, delighting neighbors and passersby.

Lincoln's Uncle Sam Jam canceled over pandemic gathering concerns
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No official city fireworks this year, Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird said. What do you think of the decision?

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