Windstream looking to deploy signal boosters



Windstream Corp. wants to deploy small cell wireless installations, like the one shown here, on light poles in a southwest Lincoln subdivision.

Windstream Corp. wants to deploy small cell wireless installations on city light poles in a southwest Lincoln subdivision.

Scott Morris, a Windstream spokesman, said the company bought 24 Gigahertz radio spectrum from the Federal Communications Commission last year that will allow it to deliver fixed wireless broadband internet service up to 1 gigabit per second.

Morris said Windstream is evaluating radio transmitters in Lincoln and at least one other market to determine which technology would best serve its customers. The lease with Lincoln would allow the company to attach radios to a small number of city light poles for the test in the Scouts Western Sky subdivision, which is west of Roper Elementary School, as well as permit it to roll out the service more widely in Lincoln in the future if it chooses.

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The Windstream deal is the first one the city has negotiated since new rules went into effect last year regarding how much it can charge to lease space for such installations.

Lincoln had been charging nearly $2,000 a year for each lease, which led both Verizon Wireless and AT&T to complain to the Federal Communications Commission.

As part of a national effort to lower and standardize the fees, the Nebraska Legislature last year passed a law that caps the rate cities can charge at $250 annually for each installation.

The City Council introduced the proposed ordinance on the lease at its meeting Monday and will hold a public hearing on it at next week’s meeting.

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