Police say they ticketed a 22-year-old Lincoln man Tuesday night after getting called to Pioneers Park about a man in a suit jacket who looked distraught sitting at a picnic table while “playing with a handgun.”

Officer Erin Spilker said the caller was concerned the man may be suicidal. 

But when police went to the park on the west edge of town at about 7:30 p.m. they found the man and learned it was a real-looking airsoft gun, a Sig Sauer P365, with pellets in the magazine, she said.

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Spilker said the man told them he was there for some live-action role playing. 

Police ticketed him for carrying a toy gun in the city limits and for having a prohibited weapon in a city park. 

Under city ordinance, it is unlawful to carry any “toy pistol, toy gun, or other toy arm or arms, or slingshot, out of or by which any leaden or other dangerous missiles may be discharged.”

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