Project location, type of work, date work began or will begin, scheduled reopening:

Ninth, N to O, southbound lane, building construction, December 2019, Dec. 31.

13th, A to Garfield, northbound lane, sewer repair, Sept. 15, Sept. 18.

14th, K to L, northbound lanes, utility work, Sept. 8, Sept. 18. 

21st, M to N, utility work, Sept. 8, Dec. 1. 

27th, Fairfield to Knox, northbound lane, utility work, Sept. 14, Sept. 14. 

33rd, L to Woods, southbound lane, utility work, Sept. 4, Sept. 18.

40th, A to D, northbound lane, utility work, June 15, Sept. 18.

56th, Bridle to Rebel, paving project, June 15, Nov. 13.

56th, Bridle to Thompson Creek, northbound and southbound lanes, paving project, Aug. 17, Sept. 18.

70th and A, northbound lane, traffic signal replacement and construction, March 16, Sept. 25.

84th, Fletcher to Havelock, southbound turn lane, Aug. 24, Sept. 18.

84th, Glynoaks Drive to Mandarin Circle, southbound lane, paving repair, Sept. 14, Sept. 23. 

98th, A to Van Dorn, sewer repair, Aug. 27, Oct. 15.

Adams, 14th to Portia, eastbound lane, utility work, Sept. 8, Sept. 18.

Adams, 59th to 63rd, westbound lane, water main replacement, Aug. 31, Sept. 18.

Coddington, West A to West Garfield, northbound and southbound lanes, paving project, June 29, Oct. 16.

Holdrege, 50th to 56th, eastbound and westbound lanes, paving project, Aug. 17, Sept. 21.

M, 16th to 17th, eastbound lanes, utility work, Sept. 8, Sept. 18.

N, 12th to 13th, westbound lane, crane lifting and roofing repairs, Sept. 14, Sept. 18.

N, 20th to 21st, utility work, Sept. 8, Sept. 18. 

Northwest 48th, I-80 to West O, northbound and southbound lanes, paving repair, Sept. 8, Sept. 18. 

O, 32nd to 35th, eastbound lane, utility work, Sept. 12, Sept. 18.

Old Cheney, Homestead Expressway to Hunts Drive, storm water project, July 24, Dec. 18.

Q, 11th to 12th, building construction, June 12, Oct. 2.

Randolph, 40th to 48th, water main replacement, Aug. 31, Oct. 16.

Sumner, 49th to 50th, crane lifting and support, Sept. 13, Sept. 13. 

Van Dorn, 88th to 98th, paving project, June 17, Sept. 21.

Vine, 19th to 22nd, eastbound lane, paving project, Sept. 14, Sept. 21. 

Vine, 66th to Cotner, eastbound lane, utility work, Sept. 8, Sept. 18. 

West A, Southwest Ninth to Coddington Avenue, eastbound lane, paving project, May 26, Oct. 16. 

West O, Northwest 48th to Northwest 56th, eastbound lane, paving project, Sept. 8, Sept. 18. 

Yankee Hill, 52nd to 59th, paving project, June 15, Nov. 13. 

To find all street closings, go to lincoln.ne.gov and type “street closures” into the search.

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